Business Financing

Whether you need cash for operations or are thinking about starting, acquiring, or expanding your business, Gateway Bank offers a variety of financing options.  Gateway Bank can be flexible.  Some examples of financing are as follows:

  • Dental Practice Financing  Our dental financing group can structure loans for practice acquisition, equipment purchases, leasehold improvements, commercial real estate, associate buy-ins, or refinancing existing debt.    
  • Veterinary and Other Professional Practice Financing  Much like the dental practice financing above, Gateway Bank can put together excellent financing packages.     
  • Multi-Family Housing Loans  Our team has a great deal of experience in financing apartments and other types of multi-family properties.  Rates and terms are very competitive, and we can be flexible in terms of structure.  
  • Commercial Real Estate  We continue to be very competitive in the commercial real estate area and have a variety of products from which to choose.
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans  Gateway Bank’s lenders are among Minnesota’s most knowledgeable on the SBA’s loan programs.  We are active in the 7(a), 504 and 504 refinance programs and make the process run smoothly.  
  • Equipment Loans  Gateway Bank is very competitive in providing loans for equipment acquisitions and refinancing.
  • Lines of Credit  Our lenders are excellent at structuring lines of credit for operating capital.
  • Construction Loans  We have many programs that can be tailored to your construction project.  Draw loans with competitive terms can make your construction project run smoothly and help save money in the process.


To learn more about our business loans, stop by one of our convenient locations, or contact one of our business lenders.

Brian Maxwell, Market President, Edina

Laura Mayer, Vice President, Commercial Lending

Elisa Dabruzzi, Commercial Lending Officer

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