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Fee Schedule

Account Services Fee
Account Reconciliation/Research (1 hour min.)
$30 per hour
Audit Confirmation $15
Collection Item $30
Foreign Item Deposit $15
Deposit Correction $5
Excess Activity on Savings Account (Reg D) $.50 per withdrawal
Return of Deposit Item Fee $4
Account Closing Fee (less than 6 months)
Coin and Currency Services Fee
Deposit Bag - Zipper
Deposit Bag - Locked $20
Coin Counting - Current Clients Free
Coin Counting - Non Client 5% of total
Coin Purchase $0.12 per roll
Currency Purchase $.50 per strap
Foreign Currency Purchase  $30 + exchange rated
Foreign Currency Purchase Small Order *∇
          * A small order is $300 or less  USD

$40 + exchange rate
Foreign Currency Conversion $30 + exchange rate
 A change in fee is reflected with a ∇
Account Transaction Services 
Overdraft Fee*
$30 per item
Returned Item Fee**** $30 per item
Daily Overdraft Fee** $6 per day
Stop Payment $30 per item
Dormant Account Fee*** $5 per month
*A maximum of $150 in Overdraft Fees may be charged to the account per day. Overdrafts can be created by check, in person withdrawal, or other electronic means. 
**Beginning on the 5th business day of the account being overdrawn a Daily Overdraft Fee will be charged each day the account continues to be overdrawn.
***An account will go dormant after twelve months of no activity and a dormancy fee may begin to be charged.
****We may charge a Returned Item Fee each time we return any item unpaid including re-presented items.
Fed Wire Services Fee
Incoming Domestic Wire Transfer $15
Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer* $25
Repetitive Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer* $15
Outgoing International Wire Transfer* $50
Incoming International Wire Transfer $15
Repetitive Outgoing International
Wire Transfer*
*Additional outside fees may apply. Consult beneficiary institution. 
ACH Services Fee
ACH Setup 
$30 per file
ACH Credits and Debits $.13 per item in file
ACH File Origination $7 per file sent
ACH Stop Payment $30
ACH Reversals/File Correction $25

Online Banking Services Fee
Online Banking Access Free
e-Statements Free
Bill Pay Free
Person-to-Person Transfers Free
Bank-to-Bank Transfers Free
Returned Bill Payment Fee $5

Mobile Banking Services Fee
Mobile Banking Access Free
Mobile Deposit Free
Text Alerts Free
Email Alerts Free
Safe Deposit Box* Fee
3 x 5  $35
3 x 10 $60
5 x 10 $80
10 x 10 $130
Lost Key $25
Drilling Charges $30 + drilling
*Safe deposit boxes are only available for clients with a current Gateway Bank account. Annual fees require an auto debit from a Gateway Bank account.  

Analysis Checking Fee
Account Maintenance
$17 per month
Deposits/Credits $0.40 per item
Deposits Items - Local $0.08 per item
Deposit Items - Transit $0.12 per item
Checks/Debits $0.16 per item
Earnings Credit Calculation Varies Monthly

Other Services Fee
Cashier's Check
Cash Advance $8
MasterCard Prepaid Gift Cards $4.95
Replacement ATM/Debit Cards $5
ATM/Debit Card Rush Production $30
ATM/Debit Card 2 Day Rush Delivery $30 + Shipping Rate
Non-Network ATM Fee $1
ATM/Debit International Transaction Fee 1% of transaction
Garnishment/Levy Execution $100
Notary Service – Client Free
Notary Service – Non Client $1
Signature Guarantee – Client Free
IRA or HSA Transaction Correction $25
Returned Mail Fee ∇ $2 per month
 A change in fee is reflected with a ∇